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May 19th, 2009 | Projects | , ,

Promotional website for Domani – leading supplier of Italian leather accessories to the Russian market.

The main aim is was to create interesting, full of graphics interactive website which also will have alot of updateable information about company, their products and even history of acessories.

Main page is represented as table in a cafe, located on the main square of the Citta-Ita (“Italy city” in english) which was made on basis of world fashion capital – Milan. Table is full of interactive elements which correspond to a different website sections.

By pressing “play game” button (which is located at the bottom panel), user can switch to a full view of “Citta-Ita” square, where he can play a mini game.

Game objective is to find hidden items (domani bags mostly :)) on the square by their outlines.
If you pass the game having all the items found,- you will recieve the magic key of Citta-Ita, which is gives you 7% discount in domani shops network.

Website sections was made in a simple, clean style to bring user attention at the infomation they are contain.


Project director, Flash design/animation – Sergey Romanyuk
Design – Oleg Kostyuk ( theOleg )
Flash programming – Andrew Ermeneu, Artem Ska4ek
Sound producer, sound fx creation – Alex Orel
3d artist – Maxim Dimo

Agency: Mentals media agency production

Links: (Ru) | (En)

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  1. From efimov on July 18th, 2010 at 12:19 pm

    Отличная работа! Все аккуратно и со вкусом.

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